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Yom Sheini, 1 Adar 5777

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FEBRUARY 14 BOARD MEETING CANCELLED:  Due to Valentine's Day, the board meeting has been cancelled. Please contact Temple office for information on the date and time of the next meeting.

 ORDER YOUR CHICKEN SOUP AND MATZAH BALLS TODAY TO KEEP YOU WARM THIS WINTER! Contact Karen Murray if you are interested in helping. There is still some soup available for purchase...Click here: Matzah Ball Soup order form



 Umi Feb 2017

St Gerard House Feb 2017 Mitz Opp of the Month

MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2pm - SISTERHOOD CHOCOLATE SEDER. This will be a time for women to enjoy the story of Passover and celebrate without all of the work and preparation of the meal…and have fun with chocolate…who will miss this one?!!? Choc Seder for web



Front page February 2017 STRATEGIC PLANNING

BIMAH HONORS: This is an open invitation....Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or special even by having Friday night Bimah Honors. Please call Marilyn Rosen at 828-290-5333 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


"LET THERE BE LIGHT" Join the excitment and participate in this Cost Saving Project for Agudas Israel. Help us save money and energy by contributing to the "LET THERE BE LIGHT" project. $18 will buy 3 energy efficient LED light bulbs, $36=6, $54=9, and $72 will buy a dozen.Send in with your check and indicate on your check that it is for this project.


MEMBERSHIP: lf you would like information about joining our wonderful congregation, please contact our Membership Chair, Barbara Gittleman. by calling the Agudas office.

ADULT EDUCATION CLASSES - Check the pamphlet with the schedule of classes that will take place throughout the year.  There are a wide variety of subjects and skills that you may be interested in.  See the dates and make sure you register before the deadlines.  Click here for COURSE BROCHURE for classes.

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BOOKPLATES FOR OUR SIDDURS Bookplates are now ready to be inserted into our siddur, Mishkan T'filah. The bookplates can be purchases for $36 each, "In honor of" or "In memory of". Send your order with payment to Susan LaRue in the Agudas Israel office. There are only 100 books available and we expect them to sell out quickly

PHOTOS ARE ON THE WEBSITE! Mazel Tov to the Chairs and volunteers on great events and a jobs well-done. See the Special Event section for photos from our latest special events at Agudas Israel (or click here)! (Please wait a few seconds for them to download.)

Hebrew Classes -Wednesdays, beginning in November, Arthur Lebowitz, resident language scholar will teach beginning and intermediate Hebrew.  6:30-7:30 Beginning Hebrew followed by Intermediate at 7:30-8:30 pm.  To register contact Susan at Agudas Israel's office, 828.693.9838.








Rabbi Jackson Photo

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to our Agudas Israel community as well as our Hendersonville one. For the second year, on January 16, we participated in “MLK: A Day On, A Day of Service” in collaboration with several other area churches. Over the last many months, the committee contacted and arranged for non-profit organizations who would benefit from the help of volunteers. We put together a wide -range of options. When we met at St. James Episcopal Church, Agudas brought nearly twenty members! When all was said and done here is how the community helped: Bagged rice and beans to make 4,804 meals; delivered home baked cookies to grateful first responders at 12 police and fire stations; made and delivered over 150 paper flowers to residents at Cherry Springs Nursing  Home and Laurel Hills Rehabilitation Center; interacted with children at Hands-On; worked to restore a home for the Housing Assistance;  prepared medical items for bar coding at the Medical Loan Closet;   served a meal to people at the Rescue Mission;   painted a room for Safelight;  helped with cleaning at the Council on Aging thrift store.  We all gave our time to provide much-needed support to many agencies in our community who help the people here in need. I think Dr. King would be pleased in how he was honored and that we are keeping his dream alive.  Each month in our Chai Lites, we have been highlighting an organization for “Mitzvah Opportunity of the Month.” Some of the time, such as in January, there are options for us to work together as a community; other times, there are options for us to engage in as individuals. Either way, we are actively promoting one of the values of Judaism: to do good in the world.  As we have said many times before, one of the most famous quotes from Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) says “The world stands on three things: Torah (study), Avodah (worship/service), Gemilut Hasidim (acts of kindness)”.  Each time we give of our time, our resources, our energies, ourselves, to another person or to an organization, we are living this value.  Kol hakavod to all the MLK volunteers, and to all the people who volunteer throughout the year in so many ways.


Rabbi Rachael Jackson


Dr. Linda Perkel

There is a theme that we are hearing repeatedly in the synagogue and Reform Judaism communications. That theme is community. Now there are several dictionary definitions of community. One definition is: a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage; a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists ( Now it is clear that we at Agudas Israel constitute a community. It is easy to see how we come together to worship, study, support each other, and participate in activities to support the greater community. Sometimes, it is harder to appreciate the subtle ways in which we are “community”. I was both pleased and struck by the joyous support of our congregants of Sophie Tanker on the occasion of her Bat Mitzvah. I could feel the swell of pride we all felt as we sat in the sanctuary as a community and listened to her D’var Torah and Torah portion.  It was wonderful to celebrate such a wonderful milestone within our synagogue walls. Most of us feel a sense of uncertainty as we look toward the future. We wonder, who will replace us? Clearly it is our young people, Sophie and her upcoming classmates, and those who will hopefully follow them, they are our hope for the future, for our community. We must look outside our walls, outside our own social groups, think out of the box, to welcome and embrace the new generation needed in order for our community to grow.


Dr. Linda Perkel, President


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