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Tot Shabbat

FIRST FRIDAYS, next one is December first at 6pm Join us for Tot Shabbat with Rabbi Jackson and Song Leader, Penny White and pizza! This is open to the entire Community. Tot Shabbat is an opportunity to celebrate Shabbat with our children, teach them to love Judaism, and help them know Agudas Israel as a second home. Experience a service especially created for our youngest members (ages 7 and under) and a chance to get to know other families in our community. See the article in the Times-News by going to:


BIMAH HONORS: This is an open invitation....Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or special even by having Friday night Bimah Honors. Please call Marilyn Rosen at 828-290-5333 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


"LET THERE BE LIGHT" Join the excitment and participate in this Cost Saving Project for Agudas Israel. Help us save money and energy by contributing to the "LET THERE BE LIGHT" project. $18 will buy 3 energy efficient LED light bulbs, $36=6, $54=9, and $72 will buy a dozen.Send in with your check and indicate on your check that it is for this project.


MEMBERSHIP: lf you would like information about joining our wonderful congregation, please contact our Membership Chair, Barbara Gittleman. by calling the Agudas office.


ADULT EDUCATION CLASSES - Check the pamphlet with the schedule of classes that will take place throughout the year.  There are a wide variety of subjects and skills that you may be interested in.  See the dates and make sure you register before the deadlines.  Click here for COURSE BROCHURE for classes.


Agudas Israel has a Facebook Page...We are keeping up with the current times.  Please take the time to check out our do not have to have a facebook account to view our page....see photos...LIKE US...the most up-to-date information:

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BOOKPLATES FOR OUR SIDDURS Bookplates are now ready to be inserted into our siddur, Mishkan T'filah. The bookplates can be purchases for $36 each, "In honor of" or "In memory of". Send your order with payment to Susan LaRue in the Agudas Israel office. There are only 100 books available and we expect them to sell out quickly


PHOTOS ARE ON THE WEBSITE! Mazel Tov to the Chairs and volunteers on great events and a jobs well-done. See the Special Event section for photos from our latest special events at Agudas Israel (or click here)! (Please wait a few seconds for them to download.)

Hebrew Classes -  To register contact Susan at Agudas Israel's office 828-693-9838



Rabbi Jackson Photo

As I wrote at this time last year, November often overlaps with the Hebrew month of Cheshvan. The only month in our calendar that, other than Shabbat, has no other holidays. Our scheduled time to come together has to be found in other ways. Here at Agudas, our options are many. You can read in the rest of this monthly Chai Lites for the details from Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Adult Ed, Shabbat, Social groups. Take a close look as there are new and fun programs at our synagogue.

Also, in the month of November, we see the weather change to a bit more gray and the air get chillier. The wanna-be Oscar nominee movies are beginning to populate the theaters. And there appears to be a bit less humor free flowing. So I want to share with you what our congregational participants did during our Simchat Torah celebration in mid October.

One of the tasks they were assigned was to use a given story and biblical text and then create a “Text message” which could be sent to the young generation. The resulting responses were great; too great to keep to ourselves. Take a journey with us though the Torah, in less than 160 characters!

1) Creation Story: “It was all because of God!

2) Call of Abraham: “GO!”

3) Jacob’s Ladder: “Mom, just had the weirdest dream!”

4) Joseph’s story: “Stay away from the bros”

5) Burning Bush: “What did you say His name was?”

6) Ten Commandments: “Ten Rules – No stealing No Killing No Fooling Around”

7) Holiness Code: “r u b-ing good 2 the old n strange sez Lev 19”

8) Priestly Benediction: “If you truly want blessings, it’s the priestly blessing”

9) V’ahavta: “Love your God with all your heart, soul, & might” Death of Moses: “ L Woe is me!”

10) I hope you have enjoyed reading these as much as we enjoyed creating them. We look forward to taking a journey through the Torah and through our lives together this coming year.



Rabbi Rachael Jackson 

Read Rabbi Jackson's High Holy Day messages for 5778: Erev Rosh Hashanah sermon, Rosh Hashanah morning, Erev Yom Kippur sermon,Yom Kippur morning sermon


Dr. Linda Perkel


The following is the High Holy Day address I gave on Kol Nidre. I was asked to publish it so that those who missed it would get a chance to see what I said. Enclosed in your Chai Lites is a flyer with the pledge card if you wish to catch up and make your HHD donation.    

I am Linda Perkel, President of Agudas Israel Congregation and I welcome you to Erev Yom Kippur and to Agudas Israel on behalf of the lay leadership of your congregation, your Board of Trustees. Each year the Jewish calendar renews itself. So, as I was considering how to address you tonight, I was struck by the remembrance of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. So yes, Hineni – Here I am. I vaguely remember doing this before.   

In fact, this is the fourth time that I have had the honor to address you on this awesome night, a fact that I can easily remember without the help of a ground hog. I am so proud to serve as your temple president and I find this opportunity to speak with you humbling and yet filled with so much happiness and joy. You might think I’m pulling your leg with that last comment, but it is a true joy to look out into our congregation and see this closely knit congregational family who care for each other, love to practice our faith and tradition and love our temple. It is truly a blessing to greet familiar faces and welcome guests. 

I understand well that each of us is here for different reasons, for our own, often deeply personal reasons. Please recall with me now when you began your Agudas Israel journey and why you first stepped inside our doors. Had you just moved here and were looking for a Jewish home for yourself and your family and joined us for Shabbat? Did you hear that we had an amazing Rabbi? Were you compelled to come here because your heart or your spirit had been broken or bruised? Had you recently committed to Judaism and needed a place to pursue your spiritual goals? Had you experienced the loss of a loved one and you needed a tender touch and compassionate ear? Were you concerned about the changes in our political and social climate? Were you in search of community?   

Each one of us has a story about why we first entered this sacred place. Our stories are similar and they are different, they are relevant, and they are filled with richness and diversity, just like each one of us.   

We love our amazing Rabbi and all that you see happening here during these holy days and throughout the entire year could not happen without her. But Agudas Israel’s true essence, the real reason we love this community...this Jewish family of ours, is the people with whom you are seated right now, the people who open their arms and embrace you without asking permission, and kiss your cheek every time you come in . . . people who are happy to see you, and simply want to be Jewish with you. I am speaking about the genuine love and affection that everyone here shares, no matter your age, your stature, your gender, or your position in life.   

Think for a moment about those who have made you feel the warmth, the light, the welcoming and accepting nature of our temple family. Think about the fact that you, too, sometimes reach out and hug and plant that kiss on those whom you see at temple. It is always a blessing to be enthusiastically Jewish at Agudas Israel. It feels good. In these unsettled times, it feels especially comforting. And to those of you who may only walk through our doors for these holy days and other special occasions, you should know that these people are here for you, too. This amazing community of people, people just like you, are here for you. Every year, every month, every week, every day.    

When Peter and I first walked through these synagogue doors, we had no idea that our Jewish journey would be formed and so enriched by the people of Agudas Israel who have now, over these last years, become our dear friends and family. More than 2 years ago, when Peter was injured and subsequently experienced many health problems, we were blown away by the loving outreach and support from our Agudas Israel community. We continue to experience the blessing of your friendship, comfort and support, and we are grateful.   

But you know, when I first came here did not think about the payroll, the heating and air conditioning, the roof or what it must take to maintain this sacred space on a daily basis. However, I soon realized the responsibility I have to support and maintain this temple not just for me, but also for the others who would step inside to worship and to learn. For those who will follow us.   

Simply put, it is all of our responsibility to financially support Agudas Israel to the best of our ability so that the values, the commitments, and the best of Agudas Israel can continue. I believe, as does Rabbi Jackson, that you deserve nothing less. Rabbi consistently gives above and beyond what we expect of her. It is her leadership and the example she sets every day that inspire, educate, and enrich our enjoyment of our temple. It seems only right that we reciprocate with the best that is in us. Although Bill Murray never talked about temple expenses in Ground Hog Day, it bears reminding that your Membership dues only covers 6o% of the costs of heating, cooling and maintaining our building as well as supporting our Rabbi, office manager and programming. That leaves 40% of our budgeted expenses dependent on your donations.   

We need your help to sustain us. Please understand how important your contribution is tonight and how meaningful it is to our existence. So how much to give?  That is the great question. Yogi Berra once said that hitting was 90% mental and only 50% physical.  So if we follow that formula and you give 140% of what you gave last year, that would work.  But what if you weren’t here last year?   

Let me help you. The Talmud says that charity is equal to all the commandments. There are many reasons to give. Some people give because they think it will help them to be inscribed in the book of life for another year.  We are in no position financially or spiritually to pass judgement on that. You can give tonight because you can enjoy our services and our sense of community. Or you can give because this is such a beautiful evening.  You can give because each of these, or any one of these, has touched you tonight, or touched you during Rosh Hashanah, or will touch you at tomorrow’s services. Or you can give because you know how much we need it.  After all, this is your Rabbi, this is your synagogue!!!   

I know that we have all been touched by the needs and reached into our pockets to help those who have suffered great losses due to hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. And, there are many others throughout the world who ask for our help. The need for Tikkun Olam is great. Tonight though is about us, about Agudas Israel.   

Please contribute joyfully and generously, and allow us to continue to do all that we do for this community — to provide, enhance and further establish the spiritual platform from which we all benefit. I am happy to share with you that each and every member of your Agudas Israel Board has already pledged their High Holy Day Commitment. Hineni.   

A sweet, healthy and happy new year to each and every one of you, and please accept my heartfelt thanks for allowing me the amazing opportunity to serve as your President. It has truly been my honor.          

L’Shana Tovah. Dr. Linda Perkel



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“Agudas Israel is a center for Jewish living in Henderson County and beyond, inclusive of all aspects of worship, learning, community, and culture.”


Agudas Israel is a warm, welcoming diverse congregation located in Henderson County, NC. That inspires our members to a love of God, Torah and Israel. It is a center for all Jewish people who seek to develop and enhance their lives through worship, learning, community involvement, culture and social interaction. We are committed to keeping our Jewish heritage intact for present and future generations.

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