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505 Glasgow Lane

Hendersonville, North Carolina 28739


Yom Sheini, 3 Nisan 5778

Linda Perkel PresidentWHAT’S NEXT?

Now that the elections are over, the annual meeting complete, and your new Board of Directors for Agudas Israel installed; What next? At the first board meeting for this fiscal year, we spoke about several areas we plan to address over the next year.

Finances are, of course, always a major concern. Our goal is to provide financial stability for the congregation. To accomplish this we will look to some creative, fun, and effective ways to raise moneys. Each of you who participate in our Agudas Angels or the President’s Club help improves our financial status and sustain us as a congregation. Strategies are being utilized to maximize the growth of reserve funds. Planned giving is an area we will focus on. Larry Kosowsky is chairperson of our fund raising efforts and he is hoping to enlist some of you to assist him with new ideas and implementing projects to accomplish our goals.

Barbara Gittleman is chairperson of our Membership Committee. Barbara and the committee are working hard to attract new members. Some of the ideas being discussed include wine and cheese open houses, parlor meetings, teas, and fun activities to bring people into the congregation. Membership is critical to our synagogue both from a financial perspective and simply, our existence. After all why do we exist? We exist to meet the needs of the Jewish Community in Henderson County. If you want to help with our membership efforts, please let Barbara know.

Programming is an integral aspect of our congregational life. Our programming comes from multiple sources. The Ritual Committee, Membership Committee, Caring Committee, the Sisterhood and Brotherhood, and Rabbi Cohen all generate the various activities that keep us active and engaged. We will continue to develop new programs and evaluate existing programs in order to meet our congregational needs and desires.

Good planning is another area we are working on. We are working on mechanisms to assure that events are planned well in advance and communicated in enough time so that you can mark your calendars and participate as you would like. This will also give each of us the opportunity to get involved, in advance, in projects that interest and excite us.

Finally, our concern and efforts will be focused on good communication to and among the congregation. I hope that we will clearly share with you all, information regarding what is happening at Agudas Israel. You will see various board members on the Bimah and should be able to identify who is doing what for the congregation. I hope that you will share with us your concerns and ideas with me, the committee chairs, and the Rabbi. It is important that if you have a question, issue, or hear something that concerns you, you bring it directly to one of us. I think we are small but mighty and it’s easy to talk amongst ourselves about things we hear. But, let’s be sure what we’re talking about is accurate. Let’s live by the words of the prophets, “What you don’t see with your eyes, don’t witness with your mouth.”


Dr. Linda Perkel, President