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Jerusalem Post
  1. Car attacks, explosions and terror tunnels: A dangerous escalation

    The rise in West Bank and Gaza Strip violence targeting the IDF raises war concerns.
  2. Father of four killed in terror attack as he left work

    “Adiel was a dedicated and loyal worker, a beloved staff member and a model family man,” the City of David museum said.
  3. The cynical Washington arithmetic that overshadowed Afrin conflict

    As Kurds fled, the Arab and Turkish forces raised the Turkish flag over a local municipality building and pulled down a statue of a Kurdish mythological hero named Kawa.
  4. Top Republican predicts Trump will nix Iran deal in May

    Corker himself is among this majority, seeking a way forward that strengthens the deal while keeping the US in line with its commitments across executive administrations.
  5. Kurdish shock and Turkish celebration as Afrin falls to the Turks

    On Sunday the city of Afrin and most of the province around it in northwestern Syria fell to the Turkish army and Syrian rebel groups it supports.