Adult Learning




At Agudas Israel we believe that Jewish learning is a lifetime project. Judaism offers a wealth of rich, deep, sophisticated ideas which are most useful for adults. Adults make decisions about raising children, choosing careers, medical care for themselves and loved ones, where to live and whom to love. Adults need the guidance of a religious system to help them through this maze of serious choices. Adults also experience fully the deep sorrow of loss and the great joy of true love. Jewish tradition can guide adults through these emotional highs a lows.

Adult learning at Agudas Israel equips our lifelong learners to face the complexity of their lives armed with Jewish knowledge. Whether taking a Basic Judaism course, or an advanced Talmud seminar, our learners come away from the experience with a greater appreciation of Judaism’s profound depths, and a greater understanding of how to lead an inspired life.

Please join us at any one of our course offerings this year. Membership is not required, and many of the classes have a nominal charge for non-members or are free!

Lunch ‘n Learn: 
Every Wednesday at noon we gather in the Temple’s Board Room and engage in wide ranging discussions.  Over the life of this group, we have studied many aspects of the Hebrew Bible, the roots of Reform Judaism, the origins of the state of Israel, anti-Semitism, and many more topics of equal interest.  Everyone is welcome

Adult Ed Classes:
Three times a month on a Tuesday evening at 7pm, this class studies the text that form the basis of the Jewish spirit understood broadly.  Check the calendar on the Chai Lites newsletter for weekly topics. This is taught by Rabbi Rachael Jackson. Everyone is welcome

Adult B’nai Mitzvah class:
A group of adults who will study with Rabbi Jackson in preparation for their bar/bat mitzvah. The class studies: Jewish prayer, women in the Bible, Jewish holidays, and reads novels of Jewish interest

Anyone interested in choosing Judaism may contact the Rabbi and establish a study program leading to conversion to the Jewish faith

Private study: 
Within limits,our Rabbi studies privately with individuals who have expressed an interest in working on a particular topic or in a particular area

Delivering D’var Torah: 
Many congregants have, under Rabbi Jackson’s direction, taken on the task of selecting a Torah portion and writing a D’var Torah, an interpretation of the portion. Torah is read on Friday evening, on the second Shabbat of the month

Forward discussion:

On Thursdays an intrepid group of congregants gathers to discuss current events from a Jewish angle.  The basis for this conversation is often the most recent edition of the Forward, America’s most important Anglo-Jewish newspaper. This is led by Rabbi Phil Bentley